Holistic Therapies: Psychotherapy, Yoga Therapy & Reiki

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About Our Services:
At Healing Lotus Holistic Therapies we provide the highest quality services to all of our clients. We take pride in the fact that many clients refer friends and family members. We are honored to be assisting  our community in living happy, healthy & harmonious lives. To schedule an appointment, call (908) 420- 5889.

Psychotherapy with Susan:

Susan Martinez, MSW, LCSW, is a Licensed  Clinical Social Worker. Her approach psychotherapy is holistic, taking into account each being as whole; body, mind and spirit. Susan is a graduate of the Rutgers University School of Social Work where she graduated with Highest Honors and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Susan’s areas of expertise include working with women's issues, survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, complex trauma, and immigrant populations. She has a strong understanding of cultural diversity, the migration process, and the needs of various populations. Susan has extensive experience in working on U Visas, VAWA petitions and works on political asylum cases.

Susan offers expertise in handling proper screening, assessment, treatment planning, interventions, and case management. Her experience includes helping people cope with anxiety, depression, PTSD, complex trauma, low self- esteem, setting healthy boundaries, and self empowerment. Other issues clients commonly see Susan for include: relationship issues, coping skills, communication skills, and self actualization. Susan is experienced in providing individual, and group therapy to men, women and adolescents.

Susan’s Approach to Therapy:

Susan strongly believes your  history does not  have to dictate your destiny. You can create the life you love to live.
She utilizes a variety of evidence based practices, including: Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness

Based Stress Reduction techniques and other trauma informed interventions. Her approach to therapy is client centered, strengths based, and draws upon Interpersonal Process and Person Centered therapies.

Yoga Therapy and Energy Healing Sessions with Susan are unique and are tailored to meet the diversified needs of each individual. Sessions may include one or more of the following: Reiki, meditation, yoga therapy, breathing techniques, techniques for stress reduction, meditation, guided visualization, aromatherapy, sound therapy, Tibetan bowl healing & Spiritual Counseling.

Reiki  Energy Healing                                                                                                 

Hour and a half session
Seventy five minutes
One Hour
Half Hour Reiki or Chakra Balancing
Private Yoga Classes & Yoga Therapy:
Private yoga classes are a great way to begin or enhance your yoga practice. Susan specializes in teaching private yoga classes in order to meet the physical, emotional & spiritual needs of her students, just where they are. In your private session, you will receive undivided attention throughout your class.

Private yoga classes are a good choice for you :
- If you are just beginning a yoga practice
- If you would like to start your own practice at home, but are unsure where to begin
- If you have limitations, illneses, or injuries
- In order to create a practice that best suites your body
- In order to deepen your yoga practice
- In order to move spiritually deeper in your yoga practice
- If you are busy and would like a class that fits your schedule

Meditation,your choice of the following;
30 minute yoga nidra
30 minute chakra meditation
30 minute guided visualization
30 or 60 minute vipassana (mindfulness) meditation & instruction

For questions, pricing, or to schedule an appointment please call (908) 420-5889

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