Reiki Level III Class- Reiki Master                                                                

This course is for the Level II Reiki practitioners who wish to increase their Reiki power and work at Master Level. You will receive the Usui Master Power Attunement which increases your Reiki flow, learn the Usui Master Symbol and receive instructions on how to utilize this symbol for increased intensity of the Reiki power. Additionally, you will learn deeper meditations and exercises to master your life! Reiki III manual is included. 

Prerequisite: Reiki II
Tuition: $500 ($450 if paid one week in advance).

Reiki III  Master Teacher Level Class

This course was designed for Reiki III Master level practitioners who wish to pursue the path of teaching and passing on the gift of Reiki to others. In this class you will receive another Reiki Attunement, learn the Attunement process and discover your unique voice as a teacher. Reiki teacher training manual and on-going support are included in tuition, which include apprenticeship.

Prerequisite: Reiki Level III, Reiki Master

Tuition: $600, ($550 if paid one week in advance).Take an additional $50 discount if registered for and paid in advance with Reiki III training.

All classes are taught by Susan Martinez, Reiki Master Teacher. Susan teaches all levels of Reiki in the traditional spirit of simplicity 
and loving kindness. She is the 5th Reiki Master in a direct lineage that dates back to Dr. Mikao Usui. Her lineage stems from that of Mrs. Takata. Reiki classes are taught throughout the Central New Jersey area including: Hillsborough, Princeton and Somerville, NJ.
Arrangements can be made to hold classes at your location, with three or more students. Call (908) 420-5889 for details.

Susan's  Reiki Master Lineage:

Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki Master Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Reiki Master Hawayo Takata

Reverend/ Reiki Master Beth Gray

Reiki Master Rev. Hannelore Goodwin

Reiki Master Susan Martinez

* Reiki class payments  hold your space in the class. They are non- refundable. Should you be

unable to attend a class once registered, your tuition will go towards the next class you chose to attend.

Reiki Level II Class

At this advanced level, Reiki Power is increased, works faster and at a deeper level. You will learn how to transmit this energy over any distance and time, penetrating the space-time barrier. You will learn how Reiki can be applied to ideas and situations, how to send Reiki into the future, help heal the past, eliminate unwanted habits and enhance talents. You will also receive two more powerful Reiki Attunements. Some students have called this increase in power a “Quantum Leap”. Reiki II manual is included in tuition.

Prerequisite: Reiki I
Tuition: $300 ($250 if paid one week in advance).

Healing Lotus Yoga & Reiki offers Reiki therapy, classes & training. Reiki One and Two classes are taught each month. Reiki III classes are taught 3 times per year, or by arrangement. Please call (908) 420-5889 for class schedule, times and dates, or to arrange a Reiki class for your establishment.

Why should I learn Reiki?

Would you like to easily access  peace and inner balance? Would you like to feel more creative and connected to Source? Would you like to accelerate healing, reduce, or eliminate acute as well as chronic pain, promote tranquility, revitalize, energize, and/ or increase your awareness? The ancient art of Reiki can make all these things possible. This safe, non-invasive, energy technique can be “learned” by anyone, even young children. Reiki assists the body-mind to realign and allows healing to take place at the deepest source.

Reiki Level I Class
In this enjoyable “hands-on” class, you receive the ability to transmit Reiki Energy to help heal yourself, your family, friends, pets, and plants. In Reiki One, the student receives four Reiki Attunements. You will learn about the history and background of Reiki and will have plenty of practice time so that you feel confident using your “Reiki hands”. Reiki training manual is included in tuition.

Tuition: $250 ( $200 if paid one week in advance).

Holistic Therapies: Psychotherapy, Yoga Therapy & Reiki

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